What is Puppy Pick Day?

A note from the breeder:

Once we receive a $500 deposit (which is non-refundable but is transferable), I confirm with you and give you a priority pick number. If puppies are not yet born, I give updates of positive pregnancy test at day 32 and then a birth announcement around day 63.

I send all this information by text message.

After puppies are born, every Friday we send individual pictures of each pup and give each new puppy parent an update. 

Note: We reserve the right to edit the availability of a puppy as needed or combine litters of the same type (i.e. Mini, Micro, Maxi, Major) that are born within 10 days of each other, allowing for more puppy options at Puppy Pick Day. This may change your priority number. 

Between week 5-6, we hold our “Puppy Pick Day”. If you are located outside of Colorado or are unable to attend in person, we can conduct your "Puppy Pick Day" via video call. On Tuesday of that week, we e-mail out a comprehensive and detailed synopsis of each puppy along with pricing. I wait as colors and markings get more distinct as puppy reach 6 weeks of age. Puppy parents are invited to come pick their puppy by priority pick number and have one hour to bond with their new puppy. After puppies have been picked, we send picture and update of each individual puppy to their new owners. We ask each new owner to name their puppy, I start calling each puppy by name and it gives them an incredible start.

I follow the breeders guide to “Puppy Culture”, a guide for smart, intuitive, engaged puppies.

Week 7: Our pups get vaccinations and well checks from our Veterinarian as well as the “Home Again” state of the art chip. The chip reads the pups identification number and body temperature-no more rectal thermometers!!

At 56 days - 8 weeks pups are released. We send home with a comprehensive book with puppy statistics, blanket that mom and siblings slept on, favorite toy and a Castle Rock Bernedoodles backpack. I am always available for questions and love to see pictures of puppies as they bond with their new families.

-Gretchen, Breeder and Owner of Castle Rock Bernedoodles