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F1b Mini Bernedoodles

Discover the joy of companionship of our hypoallergenic and 100% non shedding adorable F1b Mini Bernedoodles (and Blue Merle!). Raised with love and care, our puppies are ready to bring endless cuddles and smiles into your home. These adorable puppies will be ready to come home with you on May 22!

Why a Castle Rock Bernedoodles?

  • Each puppy is loved the minute it is born!
  • Puppies are pre-trained! We use puppy culture, a daily training guide for smart and intuitive pups. They know come, sit, and stay. In addition, we work on kennel and potty training
  • Free delivery to a major airport near you! (Continental U.S.) 
  • Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and perfect for allergy sufferers!

Have Your Puppy Delivered!

Located outside of Colorado? No problem! You can place a deposit and participate in Puppy Pick Day virtually! Delivery options are available for your puppy!

What is an F1 Bernedoodle?

The genetic makeup of a F1 Bernedoodle is 50% of each parent; 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle.

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What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is a method of breeding that is based on the premise that the puppy always leads the learning, and puppies learn best by appropriate experiences at the appropriate time. So what we are doing is teaching you to observe the puppy, and, based on the behavioral markers you see, serve the puppy the experience or lesson that is optimal for him at that moment in time.

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  • We’re proud to be named by
    Bernedoodlebreed.comas a top Bernedoodle breeder in Colorado

  • We’re proud to be named by Labradoodlehome.com as a top Bernedoodle breeder in Colorado

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