Castle Rock Bernedoodles

Baxter (Male, F1b Micro Bernedoodle)

Baxter (Male, F1b Micro Bernedoodle)

Male, F1b Micro Bernedoodle.

This charming male Bernedoodle is just 9 weeks old and bursting with intelligence and affection. Baxter has been diligently working with our trainer and has mastered the art of being fully housebroken while also grasping several basic commands with ease.

With his fluffy coat and endearing eyes, Baxter is not only irresistible but also an ideal candidate for both a loving family companion and a reliable service animal. His combination of intelligence and gentle nature makes him the perfect addition to any household seeking a loyal and loving furry friend.

Baxter is an F1 Mini. He will be approximately 12-18 lbs. 

Interested in giving Baxter a forever home? Text or call Gretchen at 720-517-0021.

Why a Castle Rock Bernedoodle?

  • Each puppy is loved the minute it is born!
  • Puppies are pre-trained! We use puppy culture, a daily training guide for smart and intuitive pups. They know come, sit, and stay. In addition, we work on kennel and potty training
  • Free hand delivery to a major airport near you! (Continental U.S.) 
  • Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and perfect for allergy sufferers!
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