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Castle Rock Bernedoodles

F1 Mini Tri-color & Merle Bernedoodle Males

F1 Mini Tri-color & Merle Bernedoodle Males

F1 Mini Bernedoodle Males

These are the males from our most recent litter of F1 Mini Tri-color and Merle Bernedoodles! Each will be approximately 30-40lbs.

Puppy pick day for this litter will be March 23 and they will be ready to go home on April 2! Interested in reserving a puppy?  Learn more about joining the waitlist

Why a Castle Rock Bernedoodle?

  • Each puppy is loved the minute it is born!
  • Puppies are pre-trained! We use puppy culture, a daily training guide for smart and intuitive pups. They know come, sit, and stay. In addition, we work on kennel and potty training
  • Free delivery to a major airport near you! (Continental U.S.) 
  • Bernedoodles are hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and perfect for allergy sufferers!
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